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Elmo Loves 123s

This app has songs, videos, coloring pages, and games about numbers.

Elmo Loves ABCs

This app has songs, videos, coloring pages and games about letters.

Elmo's World and You

It's Elmo's World and YOU! Watch and play with your favorite furry red monster.

Sesame Street Alphabet Kitchen

Learn all about letters and words while you make and decorate delicious cookies with Chef Elmo and Chef Cookie Monster. Om Nom Nom!

Sesame Street Art Maker

Create art with Elmo and Cookie Monster, then share it with friends!

Sesame Street Makes Music

Play instruments, make your own music, and rock out to classic preschool tunes with your favorite Sesame friends.

A Busy Day for Elmo: Sesame Street Video Calls

Inspire kids to get out and about with fourteen video messages from Elmo about topics like animals, reading, healthy habits and more.

Cookie Calls

Ring Ring, Cookie Monster here! Sesame Street's blue, cookie-loving monster wants to video chat with you!

Cookie Monster Stickers

Cowabunga! Sesame Street’s favorite cookie-loving monster has his own fun-filled pack of 20+ iMessage stickers.

Elmo and Cookie Calls Bundle

This bundle of apps is full of fun phone calls, which will help teach your child about life skills and milestones.

Elmo Calls

Receive video calls, audio calls, and voicemail from Elmo!

Elmo Stickers

Add Elmo to your iMessages to make anyone’s day happier – with 30+ stickers it’s easy to express so many emotions as you text!

Elmo's Animals

Teach your child about pets, farm animals, and zoo animals with more than 10 activities in one fun animal-themed collection!

Elmo's Monster Maker

Elmo wants you to make a monster friend! It's easy!

Elmo's Monster Maker HD

Elmo wants you to make a monster friend! It's easy!

Elmo’s World and Elmo’s Animals Bundle

This bundle of apps will help teach your child about some of Elmo¹s favorite topics through creativity and play.

Oscar the Grouch Stickers

Sesame Street’s grumpiest neighbor, Oscar the Grouch, is starring in his own pack of 21 comically grouchy emojis and animated stickers.

Sesame Street

Get the Sesame Street video on demand app! Watch and play your favorite Sesame Street videos clips and games anytime, anywhere.

Sesame Street Numbers

A colorful app for playful math and numeral learning, when teamed with its special set of wooden number pieces.

Sesame Street Yourself

Get silly with all kinds of interactive songs and fun – all dressed up as your favorite Sesame Street friends!

Sesame Street “Maker” Bundle for iPad

This bundle of apps will inspire your child¹s creativity by encouraging them to design their own silly monsters and play art and music activities.

Sesame Street “Maker” Bundle for iPhone

This bundle of apps will inspire your child¹s creativity by encouraging them to design their own silly monsters and play art and music activities.

Sésamo TV

This app features video content from Sésamo, Sesame Street’s TV show in Mexico and South America. Content is available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Another Monster at the End of This Book

In this sequel Grover invents silly ways to prevent readers from getting closer to another monster at the end of this story.

Look and Find Elmo on Sesame Street

Everyone's favorite furry red monster needs help finding things that go HONK! and BOING! and CLANK!

Look and Find Elmo on Sesame Street HD

Everyone's favorite furry red monster needs help finding things that go HONK! and BOING! and CLANK!

Monsters at the End of This Book Bundle

This is a bundle of TWO animated storybook apps, which will humorously help teach your child early reading and critical-thinking skills.

Potty Time with Elmo

When it's time to potty train your little one, Elmo leads the way!

The Great Cookie Thief...A Sesame Street App Staring Cookie Monster

There's a cookie crook in town - who could it be?

The Monster at the End of This Book

Join lovable, furry old Grover as he tries to keep readers away from the monster at the end of this book.

Elmo Loves You

Use this storytelling app to teach your child about love and friendship.

123 Count with Me

Learn to count from 1-10 with Elmo and Ernie as they join a parade of colorful, furry friends.

A Perfect Picnic

It's a perfect day for a picnic with Bert and Ernie!

Abby Cadabby's Rhyme Time

Fairy-in-training Abby Cadabby rhymes her way through Sesame Street!

Abby in Wonderland

Follow Abby Cadabby and Elmo down the rabbit hole in this reimagining of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

Another Monster at the End of This Book

In this sequel, furry old Grover is still fearful of monsters—and he learns that there's another one at the end of this book!

Bert and Ernie's Great Adventures: Ahoy, Pirates!

Join Bert and Ernie as they search for buried treasure on a deserted island!

Bert and Ernie's Great Adventures: The Penguin

Bert and Ernie find themselves in Antarctica befriended by a bossy penguin who enlists Bert to be Daddy Penguin.

Big Enough for a Bed and Too Big for Diapers

Elmo and Ernie are growing up! Elmo gets a new bed and Ernie will learn how to use the potty.

Big Red Riding Hood

Big Red Riding Hood goes to visit his Granny and meets a big blue monster along the way.

Celebrate School: First Day

It's the first day of school! Join the Sesame Street gang for art time, recess, snacktime, and more!

Celebrate School: Last Day

It's the last day of school! Elmo and his friends make a goodbye surprise for their teacher.

Celebrate You! Celebrate Me!

You are one of a kind! Look at the people all around you. No two people are the same! Join Elmo and his friends as they celebrate everyone’s differences!

Cookie Monster's Busy Day

From washing up to making his bed, Cookie's day is as full as his belly!

Count to 10

Count along from 1-10 with all your favorite Sesame Street friends.

Elmo 'n' Daddy

What could be better than a day with Daddy at the ballpark?

Elmo and Abby's Wacky Weather Day

Elmo asks his friend Abby Cadabby to change the weather. But sometimes Abby's spells create some wonderful wackiness...

Elmo Doodle Dandy

Join Elmo, Big Bird, Grover, Zoe, Abby Cadabby, Bert, and Ernie as they gather to celebrate Independence Day!

Elmo Goes to School (enhanced ebook for iBooks)

Hop aboard the big yellow school bus with Elmo and his friends, and join them for an exciting day at school. Familiar preschool activities are enhanced with fun sounds and interactivity to reinforce learning concepts – colors, counting, shapes, and more! Also includes 3 learning games.

Elmo Loves You (Chinese)


Elmo Loves You!

Elmo loves lots of things. But what does Elmo love most of all? Read along to find out!

Elmo te Quiere a Ti!

Elmo explains how each person has something special they care about. Elmo loves you! This book is in Spanish.

Elmo the Musical Vol. 1

Learn math with Elmo as he sails off in search of a whale, delivers pizza to space, and becomes a cowboy—all in his imagination!

Elmo Visits the Dentist

The Big Bad Wolf has a toothache, but is nervous about going to the dentist! His good friend, Elmo, decides to go with him.

Elmo's ABC Book

Practice the ABCs, and discover if Elmo has a favorite letter of the alphabet.

Elmo's Birthday

Today is Elmo's birthday! Elmo knows just what to wish for - the little lost puppy!

Elmo's Christmas Countdown

Christmas is in trouble! Will Elmo and Elf find the numbers for the counter-downer? Or will Christmas be cancelled?

Elmo's Delicious Christmas

Join Elmo as he helps his mommy and Aunt Sue bake Christmas cookies.

Elmo's First Babysitter

Elmo's Mommy and Daddy go out to a restaurant, leaving Elmo with a babysitter. Elmo is nervous, but the babysitter wins him over.

Elmo's Furry Friend

Elmo has a new puppy and his Sesame Street friends help him learn to care for his new pal!

Elmo's Potty Time

Elmo is learning how to use the potty. You can do it, too!

Elmo's Potty Time (with Audio)

Elmo is learning how to use the potty. You can do it, too!

Elmo's World: Animals

What is Elmo thinking about today? Animals! Birds, cats, dogs, fish, and other furry, feathery friends!

Elmo's World: Animals (Chinese)


Elmo's World: Be a Soccer Player! Be a Ballet Dancer!

Elmo accompanies his friend Zoe to a dance lesson and learns all about the basics of ballet. Elmo imagines what it would be like to be a professional soccer player.

Elmo's World: Love!

What is Elmo thinking about today? Love! Love is everywhere! Learn all about it with Elmo!

Elmo's World: Moon!

Is the moon made of cookies? Is it made of cheese? Elmo learns all about the moon.

Elmo's World: Puppies!

Everyone loves puppies, especially Elmo. Come along as Elmo learns some things puppies need to stay happy and healthy.

Elmo’s Emojis

Why is Cookie Monster feeling worried? What makes Abby feel proud? Identifying and labeling emotions can help children learn to express their own feelings—and be more empathetic to the feelings of others.

Family Forever

Join Julia's whole family for a day in the park with friends!

Get Ready for School: Colors

Get ready for school with your Sesame Street friends. Learn all the colors of the rainbow!

Grouches are Green

As everyone's favorite grouch shows his friends how to be more eco-conscious, he proves that he's the greenest of green guys ever!

Grover's 10 Terrific Ways to Help our Wonderful World

World Ranger Grover teaches you 10 terrific ways to make our world a better place.

Grover's Cute and Adorable Book of Books

Is there any little thing better than a book? Grover does not think so, and he will tell you why! Join your Sesame Street friends in this special ebook to learn all about why books are the very best. Created in celebration of Children's Book Week.

Happy Birthday!

Today’s your birthday, shout HOORAY! Let’s celebrate the whole day through.

Have Yourself a Furry Little Christmas

Elmo and his friends are ready to celebrate Christmas. They have a tree, decorations, gifts, and more. But what REALLY makes Christmas special? This merry little tale will tell you!

How to Be a Grouch

Oscar the Grouch shares all of his grouchy secrets on being a grouch!

I Love You Just Like This!

Come see all the ways Elmo’s mommy and daddy love him!

I Want to be a Teacher! I want to be a Veterinarian!

Bert imagines what it would be like to be a teacher when he grows up. Ernie decides he wants to be a veterinarian.

I Want to be President

Betty Lou describes her campaign and the things she would do if she were elected president.

I'm Thankful For…

Join Elmo and his Sesame Street friends as they each share what special thing they are thankful for!

It's Check-up Time, Elmo!

With Elmo to keep you company, getting a check-up can be an opportunity to learn lots of new things.

It's Check-up Time, Elmo! (Chinese)


La familia unida

¡Únase a la familia completa de Julia para un día en el parque con amigos!

Mommy Loves Elmo

Sing along as Elmo discovers just how much his mommy loves him. He's her favorite little monster!

My Big Book of Firsts: Elmo's Neighborhood

There are lots of places to visit in your neighborhood. You can visit the library, the playground, your doctor's office, and more!

My First Instrument

Join Elmo for a musical day on Sesame Street as he learns to play a new instrument with the help of his friends.

My First Trip to the Farm

Elmo and Abby Cadabby enjoy a day away from Sesame Street during their first visit to Farmer Grover's farm.

Once Upon a Sesame Street Christmas

The story of how Christmas (and Santa!) first came to Sesame Street.

Ooga-Booga Dinosaurs

Bert and Ernie have great adventures! Where will their dreams take them next? Come along to the land of dinosaurs!

Que te Hace Reir?

What makes you giggle? Elmo and his friends want to know! This book is in Spanish.

Read, Giggle & Share: All Year Round!

Big Bird, Elmo, and all your favorite Sesame Street friends enjoy learning fairy tales and folktales with stories, poems, and preschool games.

Read, Giggle & Share: Fairy Tales!

Big Bird, Elmo, and all your favorite Sesame Street friends enjoy learning fairy tales and folktales with stories, poems, and preschool games.

Rosita and Elmo Read a Recipe

Rosita and Elmo are making a special recipe with Rosita's abuela, and Rosita wants to read the recipe herself.

Rosita's Easter on Sesame Street

Easter's on its way to Sesame Street! Rosita observes the preparations on Sesame Street for the Easter picnic.

Sesame Beginnings: Bubbles, Bubbles

Bubbles, bubbles everywhere! Pop, pop, pop! Baby monsters love bathtime.

Sesame Beginnings: Tummies!

Rumbly tummy, tumbly tummy! There are all different kinds of tummies on Sesame Street!

Sesame Street Comics: Another Sunny Day

Sesame friends search for a picnic basket in this comic book.

Sesame Street Comics: Blast from the Past

Join Elmo and his Sesame Street friends as they apply simple science and math to dig deep into the dirt while searching for history's prehistoric secrets.

Sesame Street Comics: H is for Hero

What does it take to be a fuzzy and adorable superhero? Super Grover has some tips for Elmo.

Sesame Street Comics: Many Friendly Neighbors

What do you get when the whole neighborhood teams up to make a great game? A hole in one very fun golf course, of course!

Sit Still, Elmo

It’s an exciting day at the Furchester Hotel – an artist has come to paint Elmo’s picture! Can the Furchesters help Elmo sit still for long enough to have his picture painted?

Sleep Tight!

How do sleepy monsters go to bed? Say goodnight with all of your Sesame Street friends.

Somos maravillosos, ¡1, 2, 3!

Esta historia comienza con Elmo, Abby y su amiga Julia, que tiene autismo. Juntos los tres amigos disfrutan de un día de juegos en el parque.

The ABCs of Cookies

C is for cookie! Learn the alphabet with your favorite cookie-munching monster!

The Firehouse and The Police Station

Visit the Sesame Street firehouse and police station with Elmo and his friends!

The Great Cookie Thief

The Cookie Thief has been stealing all the cookies! Can the townspeople find the right culprit?

The Great Easter Race

It’s a bright Easter morning on Sesame Street, and out in the park friends are starting to meet. Something special is happening, but what can it be?

The Great Shape Hunt

Get geared up to hunt for shapes like circles, triangles, rectangles, and ovals. Maybe we'll even spot an octagon.

The Monster at the End of this Book

Please do not read this book. There is a furry blue monster at the end of it! Beware!

The Supermarket and Grover's Farm

Visit the Sesame Street supermarket and Grover's farm with Elmo and his friends!

Twiddlebug Fun

Join Elmo and friends in a sweet story about the teeny tiny Twiddlebugs.

Un Picnic Perfecto

What a perfect day to have a perfect picnic with friends. This book is in Spanish.

We're Amazing, 1, 2, 3!

This story stars Elmo, Abby, and their friend Julia, who has autism. Together, the three pals have a delightful playdate.

What Makes You Giggle?

What makes you giggle? Elmo and his friends want to know!

What's the Word on the Street?

What's the word on the street? Find out as Elmo visits many fun places in his neighborhood and learns new words.

Which Witch is Which?

It's Halloween on Sesame Street! Zoe and her friends all dress up as witches so that no one will be able to tell which witch is which!

Zoe's Day with Daddy

Zoe spends the day with her dad on "Take Your Little Monster To Work Day!"

Zoe's First Book of Seasons

Zoe loves the different seasons! Each one is fun and special in different ways.

Breathe, Think, Do with Sesame

Help a monster friend with big feelings learn to calm down and solve everyday challenges.


Provides parents and caregivers with tools to help children ages 2-8 cope with the many transitions related to divorce or separation.


Provides parents and caregivers with bilingual (English & Spanish) tools to help children ages 3-8 cope with the many transitions related to a parent's incarceration.

Let's Get Ready

Through simple activities and games you and your family can discover fun ways to plan ahead and stay safe in case an emergency ever happens.

Sesame Street and Autism

Resources for all families, with or without children with autism. They'll help build understanding, reduce stigma, and provide support with everyday routines.

Sesame Street for Military Families

This app puts all of Sesame's bilingual (English & Spanish) resources for military families right in your pocket!

The Big Moving Adventure

Make moving fun! Your young child (ages 2-5) can create his own muppet friend and help him or her through the moving process.