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Sesame Street Printables

Cut, color, fold, and learn with printable activities to try at home.

Furry Friends Matching Activity

Draw lines to connect the matching faces of your Sesame Stre Go >

Furry Friends Forever Color by Number

Color in Elmo and his puppy Tango by matching the colors to  Go >

Elmo and Tango Coloring Sheet

Color in Elmo and his new puppy, Tango! Go >

Tango's Bathtime Maze

Help Elmo and Tango find their way through the maze to Abby& Go >

Monster at the End of this Story Activities

Coloring pages, activities, and more from Monster at the End Go >

Elmo's Playdate: Scavenger Hunt

Have fun on a scavenger hunt with Elmo and Abby! Go >

Letter P is for Pickle coloring sheet

Help Oscar paint a pickle masterpiece! Go >

Play Pretend Coloring Pages

Coloring pages of Lily, Chamki, and Zuzu playing pretend wit Go >

Country Flag Coloring Pages

Meet Lily, Chamki, and Zuzu from China, India and South Afri Go >

Holiday Decorations Craft

Print, cut out and color these holiday decorations with your Go >

Color the Gingerbread Friends

Have fun decorating the gingerbread friends. Go >

Christmas Card

Celebrate Christmas with Sesame Street friends!  Go >

Cookie's Foodie Truck Menu

Imagine what Cookie Monster and Gonger are cooking today by  Go >

Veterans Day Coloring Pages

Celebrate the hero in your life with these coloring pages. Go >

Ernie's Autumn Hay Maze

Help Ernie find his way through the hay maze! Go >

Make Ernie and Bert Jack-o-Lanterns!

Ask a grown-up to help you make a friendly jack-o-lantern.  Go >

Halloween Masks

Dress up with these Sesame Street Halloween masks! Go >

Rudy on the Run

Color Rudy as he runs through the park with Abby's wand Go >

Classroom Fun with Rudy

Join Rudy and Abby in the classroom for coloring fun. Go >

Rudy on the Steps on Sesame Street

Color Rudy as he learns all about his new home...Sesame Stre Go >

Rudy's Garden Maze

Rudy made a flower for his stepsister Abby. Go >

Make Your Own Art

Print and create your very own work of art!  Go >

Cookie Look and Find

Can you find all of the items in The Cookie Thief?  Go >

Cookie Dress Up

Cut out these tools and have your own detective adventure.  Go >

Draw by Numbers

Connects the dots to reveal the image and then color it!  Go >

Elmo's World: Compliment Cards

Spread a little kindness with these compliment cards. Go >

Elmo's World: Baby Seal's Maze

Help the baby seal find the way back to his mommy. Go >

Elmo's World: Kindness Bingo

Use this bingo card to keep track of the kind things you do. Go >

Elmo's World: Tic-Tac-Toe

Learn to share and take turns with a game of tic-tac-toe. Go >

Parade of Pride

Have a finger puppet thank-you parade for our veterans! Go >

Elmo The Musical: Cowboy Math

Help Cowboy Elmo pair up his herd of kitty-cows. Go >

Elmo The Musical: What If? Pizza Coloring Page

Imagine what happens when Elmo delivers a pizza to space. Go >

Elmo The Musical: Pizza Math

Help Astronaut Elmo count out the number of pizza slices. Go >

Elmo the Musical: Pizza Paper Doll

Dress Elmo like an astronaut and imagine a space adventure. Go >

Elmo The Musical: Cowboy Paper Doll Costume

Dress Elmo like a cowboy in the wild West. Go >

Magic Patterns

Find patterns in these Flying Fairy School activity pages. Go >

What's Different?

Help Super Grover in this coloring page. Go >

Vacation Activities

Make family travel a breeze with these activities. Go >

Thank You Notes

Give your friends a little bit of thanks with these cards. Go >

Ready for School: Find That Triangle!

Help Telly find all the triangles on this fun activity page. Go >

Puddle Jumping Elmo

Splash around on a rainy day with this activity page. Go >

Mother's Day Coupons

Sesame Street-themed IOU coupons for mom! Go >

Macaronisaurus Craft Kit

Build a roaring Macaronisaurus with this craft. Go >

Greatest Grandparents

Color something special for your grandparents. Go >

Flash Cards in English and Spanish

Learn Spanish words with these colorful flash cards. Go >

Father's Day Coupons

Sesame Street-themed IOU coupons for dad! Go >

Fairy Wings Costume

Dress up like Abby with this printable fairy costume! Go >

Elmo The Musical Paper Doll

Make up your own show with an Elmo paper doll. Go >

Elmo The Musical Opening Act Costume

Dress Elmo in a tux and top hat and imagine a musical show. Go >

Elmo's Potty Maze

Help Elmo find the potty in this maze activity. Go >

Dust Bunny Buddy

Make a Dust Bunny from Abby's Flying Fairy School! Go >

Cookie Monster Costume

Make your own Cookie Monster headband! Go >

Bye Bye Pacifier

These printables will help your child put down his pacifier. Go >

Abby's Flying Fairy School Playset

Build your own Flying Fairy School playset! Go >

Elmo's World: Feeding Dorothy Coloring Page

Help Elmo feed Dorothy with this fun coloring page. Go >

Elmo's Garden: Connect the Dots

Connect the dots and color the flowers in the garden. Go >

Coloring Page: Bert and the Letter B

Color in the Letter B with Bert! Go >

Blow Your Own Horn

Make a paper towel tube horn with this activity page! Go >

Bert and Ernie Wizards Playset

Create magical adventures with Bert and Ernie. Go >

Being Two

Celebrate being two with the Baby Bear activity page. Go >

Bert and Ernie Pirate Playset

Find treasure with this Bert and Ernie pirate playset. Go >

Make a Bat-Mobile

Print this out to build a mobile you can go batty for! Go >

Baby Bear's Family Applesauce Recipe

Make applesauce with Baby Bear! Go >

Big Bird's Popcorn Pudding Recipe

Make one of Big Bird's favorite treats. Go >

Seven Dancing Chickens Craft

Give yourself a hand! Go >

Sock Puppet Craft

What do you do when you have two feet but only one sock? Go >

Watercolor Butterflies Craft

Why catch a butterfly when you can make one from scratch? Go >

Flower Bookmark Craft

Have your child create her very own bookmark! Go >

Letter Book Craft

Help your child personalize their letter learning! Go >

Big Bird and the Number 6 Coloring Page

Color in the number 6 with Big Bird! Go >

Bedtime with Elmo

Help Elmo get ready for bed with this activity page. Go >

Jumping Frog Toy

Color and fold your own fun jumping frog toy!  Go >

Elmo the Musical: Guacamole Paper Doll

Dress Elmo like a chef explorer and imagine a fun adventure. Go >

Elmo the Musical: Athlete Paper Doll

Dress Elmo like an athlete and imagine a sports adventure. Go >

Elmo the Musical: Athlete Math

Can Athlete Elmo wins the long jump competition? Go >

Elmo the Musical: Airplane Math

Find three bridesmaids for a penguin wedding. Go >

Abby and the Number 20

Color in the number 20 with Abby! Go >

Growth Chart

Use this Growth Chart to see how big you're getting. Go >

Going to the Doctor Get Well Card

Print this fun activity and make a Get Well card for Elmo.  Go >

Father's Day Frame

Color this frame to give to your dad on Father's Day!  Go >

Elmo's World: What's Dorothy Thinking About?

Play a fun Elmo's World guessing game! Go >

Abby's Flying Fairy School Stickers

Add some magic to your life with these printable stickers. Go >

Abby Cadabby Fun Pack

Have fun with these costumes and recipes from Abby Cadabby. Go >

Elmo The Musical: What If? Guacamole Coloring Page

Imagine what will happen when Elmos in the kitchen. Go >

Elmo The Musical: Guacamole Math

Help Chef Explorer Elmo find enough avocados for his dip. Go >

Elmo The Musical: What If? Detective Coloring Page

Imagine what Detective Elmo is magnifying. Go >

Elmo The Musical: Detective Math

Help Detective Elmo find the troublesome cube. Go >

Elmo The Musical: Detective Paper Doll Costume

Dress Elmo like a detective and imagine a curious adventure. Go >

National Parks Nature Scavenger Hunt

Get outside and find these items in the park. Go >

National Parks Nature Journal

Record your experiences in the park! Go >

National Parks Iron on Nature Badge

Make your own iron-on nature badge. Go >

National Parks Color Your Nature Badge

Color your own nature badge. Go >

National Parks Coloring Page

Color Elmo and Murray at the park. Go >

Bedtime Mobile Craft

Help your child look forward to bedtime with this mobile.  Go >

Elmo The Musical: What If? Sea Captain Coloring Page

Imagine what will happen when Elmo sails the seas. Go >

Elmo The Musical: Sea Captain Math

Help Sea Captain Elmo spot the Bermuda Octagon. Go >

Elmo The Musical: Sea Captain Paper Doll Costume

Dress Elmo like a sea captain on a voyage. Go >

Elmo The Musical: What If? Prince Coloring Page

Imagine what will happen when Prince Elmo arrives. Go >

Elmo The Musical: Prince Math

Help Prince Elmo find his way to Tottintot. Go >

Elmo The Musical: Prince Paper Doll Costume

Dress Elmo like a prince and imagine a royal adventure. Go >

Elmo The Musical: What If? President Coloring Page

Imagine what will happen when Elmo sits in the Oval Office. Go >

Elmo The Musical: President Math

Help President Elmo order his Sheepret Service agents. Go >

Elmo The Musical: President Paper Doll Costume

Imagine an adventure in the White House. Go >

Elmo The Musical: What If? Circus Coloring Page

Imagine what will happen when Elmo tries out for the circus. Go >

Elmo The Musical: Circus Math

Help Elmo practice his "In Between" act. Go >

Elmo The Musical: Circus Paper Doll Costume

Dress Elmo like a circus performer. Go >

Elmo The Musical: What If? Athlete Coloring Page

Imagine what will happen when Elmo competes in a race. Go >

Elmo The Musical: What If? Airplane Coloring Page

What will happen when Elmo flies the skies? Go >

Elmo The Musical: Pilot Paper Doll Costume

Dress Elmo like a pilot and imagine a high-flying adventure. Go >

Valentine's Day Cards

Valentine's Day cards featuring Sesame Street friends. Go >

Bird Feeder Bonanza Craft

Use recyclable items to create your own bird feeder. Go >