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Eating Well on a Budget: Providers

Many families may find it difficult to pay for—or get access to—nutritious foods. In such situations, they may find it especially hard to make healthy choices. As a provider working directly with families, you can help them know that they can eat well. And you can help them do so no matter their budget or time constraint. 

The following videos and talking points are activities associated with Family Workshops: Healthy Eating. For information on the workshops and using these videos, consult the Food for Thought: Eating Well on a Budget Provider’s Guide.
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  • Trying New Foods
  • Anytime Snacks
  • The Most Important Meal Song
  • Eat Together!
  • From the Market to Your Table
  • Healthy Food on a Budget

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Trying New Foods
Watch and Talk: Ask “Why is it important to try foods again and again, like Elmo did? What foods did the families choose at the food pantry and farmer’s market? How does your family choose foods when shopping?”
Anytime Snacks
Watch and Talk: Ask “What is an ‘anytime' food? What are some of the healthy anytime foods that Rosita and the children in the video eat?  Which of these foods do children in the group like to have for a snack? Why is it important to eat lots of anytime foods?”
The Most Important Meal Song
Watch and Talk: Ask “How does Super Grover feel before he eats breakfast? How does he feel after he eats a healthy breakfast? Why is it important to eat a healthy breakfast?”
Eat Together
Watch and Talk: Ask “How does the Bear family feel when they are too busy to see one another? When could your family share a meal or cook together? How could everyone in your family help making a meal?”
From the Market to your Table
Watch and Talk: Ask “How can your family shop or make meals together? Marianne’s chicken recipe is a family favorite. What are your family’s favorite healthy recipes? Can you think of other ways to serve these foods?”
Healthy Food on a Budget
Watch and Talk: Ask Caregivers:
“What emotions do the caregiver’s in the video have? Which feelings do you relate to? How does your family talk about feelings?”
“In the video, Lacey’s dad says that it was hard to ask for help to get food. Do you think it is often hard to ask for help? How can you deal with this difficulty?”
“How do the families in the video get food? What actions have helped you feel good about food choices for your family?”
For additional conversation starters related to the video, see page 9 of the Provider Guide.

About This Project

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: EATING WELL ON A BUDGET is a bilingual, multimedia program designed to help support families who have children between the ages of 2 and 8 and are coping with uncertain or limited access to affordable and nutritious food. 

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